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Testimonials from the wonderful people that have trusted TenderCare

Thank you for the wonderful care that you and your caregivers gave to Jerry. He was always neat, clean and calm with the attentive caregivers in and out of his room. During the past seven years I have seen 18 of my wards leave this world. By far Jerry received the best care and was loved the greatest. It is my pleasure to work with you.

Margo Reed

Case Manager

When it was time to seek assisted living for our father, we found that TenderCare was our best choice. They give all of their patients the care they deserve all at a reasonable price. When walking through the home it seemed very welcoming to visitors and comfortable for all of the residents. We were especially happy with how Joe and his team of professionals handled each and every resident. They are always ready to make special accommodations for residents and their families.

David Lemay & Ann Orlando

Joe and his team of professionals make sure each of the residents receive top-notch care all in a non-commercial setting. I highly recommend TenderCare if you are looking into assisted living in Denver. You should expect fair pricing, friendly staff, and a lovely home.

Antoinette Rizzuto

TenderCare has been such great assistance from caring for their residents at a personal level to assisting families with difficult choices each and everyday. Their home is small enough to feel cozy and comfortable yet is large enough to give each resident the space they deserve. All of the staff are professional and genuinely care about what they do.

Gary Almada

Finding an assisted living facility in Denver is a daunting task especially since there are so many around the metro area. I was lucky enough to find the TenderCare facility in which their wonderful staff answered all of my questions and gave me a sense of trust. Thanks TenderCare!

Ron Graniere

TenderCare is different than most large assisted living facilities around the area. The limited amount of residents TenderCare holds means each resident receives personal care and attention. Also, the residential location makes TenderCare feel like an actual home for the resident but it is of course equipped with all of the safety features and accommodations each resident needs. I’m glad I found TenderCare and am happy with the professionalism Joe and his team present.

Andrea Depinto

Thank you for everything your staff does for my mom, Genevieve!

Diane Chomko