We make sure our residents are comfortable with the care that they receive from us. Not only should the resident be comfortable with our services but also with the activities we provide to them on a daily basis. We believe in order for our residents to be comfortable, we must provide them with activities and events that keep them busy, content, and happy.


The activities we provide are but not limited to:

Arts and Crafts

Our residents love making things with their hands and creativity. We provide them with arts and craft supplies so they can keep busy. The most common time for residents to create crafts is during special occasions such as birthdays or holidays.

Reading and Reminiscing

TenderCare encourages that residents keep their mind active by reading or telling stories to the other residents. This gives each resident the opportunity to learn about one another and to reflect on the most memorable moments in their lives.


Our residents are provided with 3 cooked meals per day, however, on occasion a resident may want to assist our staff on preparing a special meal. If the time is right, and with staff supervision, the residents may be able to prepare their own meals.

Gardening and Outdoors

Our residents love to spend their days outside gardening and spending time in our large fenced backyard. We give our residents all of the tools necessary if they would like to garden and there are plenty of sitting spaces and shade to make everyone happy. Check out our gallery page to see how big our yard is!

Television, Music, and Media

Our residents have access to today's technology and media. Sometimes sitting while watching a new show on TV is what our residents want to do. Sometimes they want to listen to music and sometimes they want to explore the internet. We make sure our residents are comfortable and busy with something when they are at TenderCare


We encourage our residents to keep up with their fitness and strength building. With the supervision of our staff we make sure the resident is safe and doing well during exercise routines.

Birthday Celebrations

When a birthday comes around at the TenderCare facility it is a special time to both the resident who is having the birthday and to the other residents as well. It is also important to the staff at TenderCare and therefore we help with the setup and special requests of residents for this special time.

Holiday Celebrations

We know that each of our residents may celebrate different holidays and religious holidays. We make sure each of our residents has an opinion on how the house is decorated and how things are ran during special holidays. If residents have special requests during these times, we make sure we listen so we can make sure each resident is comfortable and content.

Family Visitations

We encourage families to stay in contact with our residents as often as possible. We may hold special days where all of our residents families are invited to a gathering. We may grill in the large backyard or we may just provide extra meals for those who are visiting. Either way, we make sure the visitors of our facility are taken care of and of course comfortable just like our residents.