24 February 2014
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24 February 2014,

While there are many benefits to both small and large assisted living communities, here at TenderCare we pride ourselves in being small.  Here are a few reasons why:

More Focused Care:

Unlike larger communities, small assisted living communities are able to tailor to their residents’ unique care needs.  When small assisted living communities only have a certain number of beds this means that they are only allowed to have that maximum amount of people in their community.  With that being said, even when the community is at full capacity there will only be a handful, if that, of residents occupying that space at once.  This all means that the caregivers will be able to focus more on each individual and actually learn about the unique care that needs to be given to each resident.

Easier to Socialize:

One of the biggest stresses the elderly go through when moving to a care community is having to socialize with other residents.  In larger settings, it is more difficult for residents to make friends, socialize and be apart of a group setting.  With small assisted living settings, residents are able to learn all of the other residents’ names, get to know them on a personal level, and even become close friends with everybody in the home.  This is very important for the residents’ mental health and happiness – socializing is extremely important.

Not Overwhelming:

With large assisted living communities there are a lot of people, many different caregivers and a large space to learn.  However, at small assisted living communities there are only a few caregivers, not that many different residents and a small space to learn and become comfortable with.  Although everybody reacts differently with change and everybody has their own preferences, small assisted living communities strive to make the new life event as less overwhelming as possible.  Here at TenderCare we strive to make our home feel as comforting to the residents as much as possible.

Caregiver to Family Communication:

With small assisted living communities, staff is able to communicate directly with the family or doctor.  They are able to do this because the community is small enough so that there are only caregivers and an owner of the facility.  Here at TenderCare, we make sure our families are up-to-date with their loved ones health and care.  We answer any questions they may have at any time and welcome families to come visit whenever they want.  Since we are small, we also are able to provide quick communication and updates on your loved one.

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